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People - Eugene Sweeney

Dr. Eugene Sweeney has over 30 years experience of managing and commercialising research and new technologies. In 1977, while a researcher at BHR Group plc, he formed and managed a spin-out company (The Technical Software Centre), to develop, license in and sell technical software for microcomputers. In 1979 he joined RM plc, where he was responsible for software development and marketing, licensing in new technologies and software in the then new microcomputer industry. In 1989 he joined BTG plc, where he was responsible for the management and commercialisation of new technologies in the ICT and Electronics sectors. In 2000 he founded Iambic Innovation Ltd.

Eugene has worked with a large number of different research institutions, universities, government agencies and companies in Europe, Eastern Europe and Japan on projects concerned with the management and commercialisation of research results and IPR. This includes commercialisation opportunity reviews; IP audits and assessments; advising on policy, strategy, systems and structures; undertaking the IP commercialisation itself; and providing operational and negotiation support.

He is an expert for the European Commission in the areas of IPR, ICT, Innovation, and Research-Industry partnerships. He has been a project reviewer and evaluator for several EC Framework projects; the EC’s IPR Helpdesk; and the Innovation Relay Centre Network. He was an invited expert on the working group considering IPR rules for FP7, and the Responsible Partnering (Industry/Research) Initiative. He was the rapporteur for an EU ISTAG (Information Society Technology Advisory Group) Working Group on Software, and as such contributed to establishing research priorities for the EC Framework 7 programme.

He is a regular contributor to seminars and courses concerned with IP awareness, IP management in universities, licensing, commercialising IP/research results, etc. He recently contributed to a book on “Managing and Commercialising University Research” (published in 2005).